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2019“Still Cruizin’ After All These Years”


THE NEXT CLUB MEETING IS : Tuesday, March 19th

 NOTE:  This is the 3rd Tuesday of the month: Our regular monthly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday March 19th  at the Dennis Police Department, Meeting Room .  The meeting will start promptly at 7:30 p.m.

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Updated November 1, 2018

2019 Membership Renewal Is Now Due

Because the February 12th meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather: The Dues Discount Deadline Is Extended for ONE WEEK.   To receive the discount – Payment must be received by February, 19th.  To renew your membership for 2019 (a multi-year membership discount is also available) download & print: 2019 Membership Renewal    Send the completed form with your check to our Treasurer

                 “2018 Charity & Scholarship”

Our  annual Blast From the Past Show fundraiser supports our ongoing commitment to Scholarships, Toolships and Cape Cod Charities For More info and our 2018 list of recipients…. View: Charity & Scholarship.


Do you have a photo of  your vehicle on the Member’s Rides Page?  Would you like the current one updated?   Photograph your classic with a 3/4 front-side shot, making the vehicle take up the majority of the frame.  Take the photo with your camera or phone in Landscape mode only at a medium resolution. Send photo(s) or questions to Walt at info@capecodclassics.org.