Cape Cod Classic Car Foundation, a 501c3 charity, routinely makes available funds for Cape Cod Classics Car club members, children and grandchildren.  Students must be graduating high school senior accepted into a college/university or technical school for automotive studies.  Students may also be an upper classman enrolled in a college/ university or technical school.

Scholarship applications may be submitted via the website, with required correspondence emailed to

Email submissions include:

(up to three) letters of Recommendation, one from a current member of the Cape Cod Classics Car Club,

an application letter detailed below.

Scholarship Application

Your application letter should be emailed to SCHOLARSHIPS@CAPECODCLASSICS.ORG  within 5 days of submitting your application.  Tell us why you are a good candidate for a scholarship award.  Include anything you feel may favorably affect consideration.

The Cape Cod Classics Car Club scholarships are based on available funds, quantity of applicants and qualifications of submitting applicants.  The selection of any scholarship winners during a calendar year is final. All awards will be granted upon proof of enrollment.  By submitting your entry you agree to these conditions.

Good Luck!


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